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Description of administration of housing units


  • Determination of market price.  - After a personal visit to a specialist we can quite accurately to determine the price of the property rent.
  • Finding a suitable tenant – by advertising on the most visited sites, and collaboration with professional real estate agents.
  • Preparation and signing of necessary documents - The lease is treated with a lot of cases, which protects the owner from the defaulters.
  • Ensuring the transfer of media (gas, elektricity) – Concerting of media to the tenant saves the owner care and prevent the breakdown of high arrears in the event of default of these services or by an abnormal consumption.
  • Transmission of the apartment with a list of equipment -- Transmitted flat is always cleaned up and ready to rent, along with the rental agreement signed by the tenant and the hand over protocol that contains the state of measuring instruments and various household furnishings, along with photographs.
  • Regular inspection of the leased property. - At least twice a year our enforcement officers visit leased property to check. We check the functionality of appliances, number of persons using rented properte..
  • Timely payment of rent control. - Our company uses its own know-how of special accounts set up for each client and ensure the greatest possible safety. It is necessary to remark that these accounts are without monthly fees. This system allows to control the current rent, but an administrator is not authorized to disposal of the owner money.
  • Annual abandonment of billing services. – At the termination of lease, or once a year when you receive a bill from the House Manager, we provide re-billed to tenants.

Other services for owners of managed properties:

• Participation in member meetings of Community owners of apartments, Housing association
• Communication with building managers, Community owners of apartments, Housing association

• Tendering for major reconstruction
• Representation in applying the claims with developer
• Mail handling and forwarding.

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