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Description of management of residential buildings



  • keeping passports of  houses, flats, operating units, commercial premises, land


  • contractual ensure of the media in terms of services associated with the use of units and common parts of the property - electricity, gas, heat, hot water, garbage collection, elevator operation, etc.
  • contractual ensure of the readout ratio gauges
  • keeping register of water meters
  • ensure of deduction of consumption of hot water, cold water, or other gauges for billing purposes.
  • develop of energy plan to save energy

Emergency Services

  • contractual services to ensure of the continuing emergency in crafts / water, gas, electricity, etc.


  • contracting ensure of regular cleaning of common areas of residential and commercial buildings and sidewalks adjacent to them, including the related maintenance of green land.


  • keeping reports of the property owner for management
  • property management and archiving of technical documentation and construction managed properties.
  • management and archiving of all documents, documenting the lease or other relationships with managed property or parts thereof.


  • Provision of legal review, inspections and tests at regular intervals and then early removal of defects identified by the relevant implementing regulations.
  • Revision (Plan of revisions, including monitoring and regular physical examinations and tests)
  • Ensure of compliance with the obligations prescribed in the fire protection and occupational safety and health


  • regular checking of the property
  • annual assessment of the construction and technical condition of properties and preparing the plan for the development, maintenance and repair which includes a draft of the financial plan to cover the cost of repairs and maintenance.
  • Ensuring and removal of minor repairs, breakdowns and maintenance of houses, apartments and commercial spaces
  • follow-up of corrections
  • submission of the opinions to the owner to requested repairs in the apartment by the tenant.
  • ensuring of large reconstruction projects, constructions of bodies and extensions
  • providing of documentation, static reports, estimates, and subsequent expert evaluation of the state
  • providing of  the tender for construction companies, suppliers and investors (all publicly on websites)
  • keeping records of corrections and monitoring of the warranty
  • cooperation on possible complaints
  • cooperation or representation of the property owner in negotiations with planning authorities in matters of property repairs


Economic administrative management

  • register of costs of operation and facility management and payment
  • activity reports of the administrator
  • the annual accounts of advances and its distribution
  • resolving complaints to the annual bill advances

Accounting for the legal person

  • issuing of accepted accounting documents from the content and completeness of requirements
  • accounting financial documents for the financial system
  • preparation of financial statements and transmission of all accounting documents at the end of the year
  • preparation of tax returns
  • keeping reports of tangible and intangible assets

Accounting for individual

  • issuing of receipts
  • issuing of invoices
  • preparation of estate tax returns
  • preparation of statistical reports
  • data processing for the loan

The processing of documents for processing grants


Legal services

  • legal meetings related to debt recovery for owners of the remittances to fund of repairs and services
  • ensure the recovery of contractual debts
  • installment agreement, preparation of the application
  • preparation of lease agreements and agreements about the use of an apartment and commercial space
  • preparing of the contract for easement
  • tenders and contracting of the land leasing for placement of the advertisement  according to owner instructions
  • proposals for the termination of the lease contract of flats, commercial premises, operating units and land ,in the case of the reasons listed in the lease agreement
  • proposals for deposits and land registration
  • ensuring of leases, subleases apartments, commercial premises, operating units and garages at market prices
  • ensuring of  the sale of a house, apartment, commercial premises and land
  • contractual provision of security guards or receptionists services
  • providing an estimate of property for purposes of the relevant tax authority
  • professional consultation on investment opportunities of the managed property
  • the provision of the proposal of the market prices of leased, subleased apartments and commercional spaces in a managed property

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